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Holibrook House - Bartram (Tel: 020 8699 9647)


Holibrook - Bartram residential unit was established in 1990. The unit is situated in a quiet road in Brockley, South East London. It is located near health facilities, shops, parks, leisure centres and two community centres. It is easily accessible by public transport (British Rail mainline station and London Transport buses are within 5 minutes walk).

The home boasts an environment where the children are invited to feel comfortable and relaxed in a homely family atmosphere. The home is a caring and stimulating home, which afford children in our care the opportunity to reach their full potential

The children have their own bedrooms, which are equipped with bedside tables, chairs, chest of drawers and a wardrobe. There is a communal living room, dinning room a nd a conservatory, all with modern appliances.

Key features:
• Five placements for male and female children
• Age range between 8-16 years old on admission'
• Children who exhibit challenging behaviour
• Accepts planned and unplanned referrals
• Dedicated and experienced staff team
• Average of two members of staff on each shift


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